Qmata Technologies Inc.
Qmata Technologies is passionately committed to the advancement of tools and products, to make deep energy reductions in buildings affordable and practical.

Qmata provides:
Site solar analysis
Building energy analysis
Support to our installation partners
Control system design and integration with existing mechanical
Field testing design, data collection and analysis
Annual - regular system maintenance programs

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Qmata Technologies
Mat Hallam-Eames – CTO & President
Mat is passionate about reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, and creating a world where people understand and participate in their buildings’ energy use. Mat is a ticketed Red Seal plumber and gas fitter, with 10 years experience designing and installing high-end hydronic and solar systems. He has worked in all kinds of commercial and residential buildings, in Seattle and on Vancouver Island. Mat is also a 20-year veteran software developer. Mat’s fast rise in the industry included designing an international reservation system for Hilton International, Microsoft’s first internal search engine, and an early airline reservation system – the predecessor to Galileo. Mat is the original visionary and designer of the EkoBOS control system for buildings.
Mat Hallam-Eames
Cathy McDonald, BEng, EMIT – Partnership Development, Design & Sales Support
Cathy has a background in mechanical engineering. She took a different path that led her into the theatre business, where she was General Manager for two independent theatre companies in Vancouver. She is very excited to have returned to her engineering roots, and her first passion for renewable energy and conservation solutions. Cathy is an Energy Manager in Training with the Association of Energy Engineers.
Cathy McDonald
Qmata History
Qmata was formed in 1998, as Qmata Plumbing and Heating Inc, by founder Mathew Hallam-Eames. Mat was an active plumber and gas fitter, working in all kinds of commercial and residential buildings in Seattle and since 1998 on Vancouver Island. Mat had a passion for finding low-energy solutions, as he installed and studied hydronic heating systems, and solar evacuated tubes to supply heating, hot water and pools. He could see that a holistic approach was needed, and he developed a vision for how a building can take advantage of localized energy – from the sun, air, waste heat, ground and other sources. But he was very frustrated with the difficulty in getting different components to work together, as one system, because of proprietary barriers in the marketplace.

Mat decided to return to his original career as a software architect, to develop compatible, easy to install and use controls. The company name was changed to Qmata Technologies Inc in 2013, and we are excited to be close to launching our first control device, the FieldBOS, this coming October.

Qmata History