Their are many people who have provided inspiration and support along the way,

John Seigenthaler
Albert Bicol
Vladmir Milker
Mike Legge
David Suzuki
Niven Marquis
Andrew Parr
Simon Trigona- ?
Byron Gallant
Guy Langlois
Ron ?
Eric Smiley
Rob McLarnin
Axel Burger
Bill MacGibben
Special mention of my wonderful wife
Catherine McDonald

Innovative Technology that does not cost the earth
Qmata Technologies

Qmata provides a suite of services to our clients, including an energy audit and consultation, energy and indoor climate monitoring,  installation of Ekostat and networked energy control system, mechanical system design services and support to engineers and mechanical companies.

Our value lies in our extensive experience developing community architectures (software), incorporating the latest advances in embedded processors, hands-on experience with plumbing and mechanical systems and a thorough understanding of green building design. 

Qmata Team

Cathy McDonald, CEO

Patrick Wells, Director of Sales

Doug Davis, Corporate Sales

Qmata Technologies Inc
510 - 66 West Cordova St
Vancouver BCV6B 0L2
604 762-2687