In my little meadow (Winter)

Deep orange shafts downwards
Against stone grey sky
Breaks heavy sodden gust
Translucent glow silhouetted
In my little meadow

Snow flakes rein down
To catch passing whisp
Swirl, twist
Pristine pure blanket
In my little meadow

New day scheduled
Everything perfectly still
Cedar columns confined white jacket
Wait zephyr breath
In my little meadow

Casting eyes far off
Though sentryed gap
Grey black coated spine
Dusted mystical haze
Beyond my little meadow

Sea of toned coated spires
Bracing arctic chill
Stand strong
Down to ocean passage
From my little meadow

Little bird scavenging
Crusted morsels
To ward off
Piercing draft
In my little meadow

Snug bunkered warm
Fending off
Snow queen's lure
Cozy nocturnal attire
In my little meadow