Twinkling celestial blanket fades
Black to shaded deep blue
Southern cross and Aurora australis
Orion complete nightly shift
Mars searing hot inside on horizon
marks predawn chorus

Today is today
Today is tomorrow
Arbitrary date line antithesis
to passing civilized world
first sight to sun eternal  journey

Casting back woolen cover
Bracing frost sharpens waking mind
Transition from fetal curl
Day's protective suit
Warmeth outward in new step
New awakening, new day

Kindling ignites embered flame
Encouraging blackened billy
Good cuppa in both hands
close for gentle sip
consolidates dreamy discourse
Seated on contemplation's log

Rising sun casts golden path
Across serene millpond
Mercy's worn shield over shoulder
Compassion's swift blade in hand
Trust in your Matilda to waltz
That brash "she'll be right way"

Other antipodeans sing Waltzing Matilda
Me, I have my way
Good old kiwi bloke
Just because we don't fall off
Who says downunder is not on top
Does it matter anyway?

Now, Sir Ed
There's a fella, who lead from within
Conquered Everest
More importantly built schools, bridges
Waltzed his Matilda
for sherpa families in Nepal

Sir Ed, giant of a man
epitome of human humility
Average kiwi bloke
Who recognized that
we all cohabit mother earth
all antipodeans somehow

And, I have been told
The Greeks coined antipodean
For one whose feet are
In opposite direction
If blue planet is a sphere
Ultimately everything's in the same direction

Hmmm, I thinks
Not like I was learned good in school
Maybe there a couple of grammatical errors here
Should have learned the golden rule.
Being fair dinkum, true blue
Is good I guess..

But it all comes down to
What you think and feel
On how one treats your cobbers, your mates
Reach out a hand, a smile
To all antipodeans
Because we are all heading the same way, somehow