Tipiwhenua's carol

Sun erks above bush clad ridge
Silhouetting distant sentryed boughs,
Indolent mist hugs valley hallow
Frost sugared brittle blade crushed
Mahutonga image cast

Golden amber glow casts
On far away hillside
Breath vapor drifts on still air
Under leaward shadow
Mahutonga, you are here

Fantail twitter steels against
Sedentary heart beat
For more dormant days
Scavenging meager morsels
Mahutonga world awaits

Twilight's dew on waning light
Rest from crusted arduous path
Each deliberate step
On each blessed step
Mahutonga present on cue

Evening falls on shorten day
Camp fire warms strange surroundings
In day not journeyed far
Small step by small step
Mahutonga direction set

Mesmerizing flame dances
Spirit rekindles
Casts off night air
Contemplated direction
Mahutonga white against deep blue

The season of
Darkness through light
Of ultimate awaking
Of slim sustenance
Mahutonga sparkle clear

The season of
Unforgiving pristine beauty
Of complete nakedness
Of great hope
Mahutonga shed your light

Hallowed home
Sheltered from icy blast
Driving sleet
Warm at last
Mahutonga watches over