Pohutukawa arching down
Infinite baptised granules at your feet
Wavelet rolls up golden beach
Swift halt and then retreat

Pohutukawa fanned by nautical wisp
Your flame holds up
Beacon of passion
Where tangaroa tane once kissed

Pohutukawa holding strong
Craggy bark worn and tough
Relentless saline sandy blast
Of ages do speak
Pohutukawa innocent observer
Of Tawirimatea's rage
Guard your precious spark
In hope of festive days

Pohutukawa blooms antithesis
To civilized birth
Where green and red
Are not of this realm

Pohutukawa sympathic glow
To center that is here
Far across southern swirl
To hearts of one

Pohutukawa caressed by ra
Splaying out to mark
Shelter from noontime glare
Not of the season

Oh, Pohutukawa
Please hold strong
Now is the time
Your reflection is pure

Pohutukawa your beauty
Is not a seasonal thing
Your mana
Provides transparency

Pohutukawa please be vigilant
Do not abandon your post
When sea, sky
Lap at your feet