Blue green runs the river

High up beyond wisps of dormant strata- cloud amongst treetops
Majestic snow capped peaks tower
above steep beech covered valley walls
Way down to valley floor
And blue green is born

Grey-black cloud bank closes in
Air heavy, laden, about to burst
Obscuring massive towering mountain edifice
Wind howling relentlessly drives in
Freezing sleet pounds snowy blanket
Of great spirits might
And blue green tinkles rock to rock

Warming sun breaks through
Water droplets glissen in burgeoning sun
Flash of sparkling silver amongst blue
Down between cracks of rocky remnant cycles of freeze and thor
Blue green trickles down

Rivulets flow to juvenile stream
Cascading steeply down through bouldery bed
Bursting down from pool to pool
And blue green bounds on

Icy deep blue current spills over age hardened stubborn rock
Suspended in motionless flight
Crashes roaring into turbulent pool
Blue green thunders down

Licking wounds of crashing fall
Slowly circling, spiraling, gliding,
whirling backwards, re-centering, unwinding
Respite from the torrid path 
Blue green in momentary healing rest

Spilling out of backflow
Sieving out transient debris between rock gates
Pours down nearby rapids
Blue green slips rock fortress

Sun sparkling through undulating wavelets rounding
Small rocks, stones carpeted by rapid rush twinkling
Depth deceiving shallows
Blue green drives on

Time slowly ticks
Still, clear and gently ecks on
Through crystal pond framed by tall pungas (Native NZ fern)
Stalling, reflecting
Blue green where are you going?  Why?

Blackened craggy limb grasps to rocky outcrop at rivers edge
Beneath arching reaching leaves
Runs cleansing giver of life, of strength, of growth, of health
Blue green meanders on

Past flowering seeding flax swamps to the sea
Slowly drifting full volume to journey's end
Little swirls below surface
Bulge surface muscular twinges
Blue green relaxes

Last run over sand bar
Against ocean current and salty crusty lick
Against dashing tide
Blue green has run course
Blue green is sea