The art of tea…

Fill electric kettle
Fired up the telly
What burning dust?
Shove cat off cushion
Who runs this place anyway?

Make sure the teapot is warm
Stick out your posterior
Just a little, that's right
Give it a wiggle
That irksome Jonny way

Grab the tea canister
Gently flick off lid
Hold still, hands together
Now visualize the teaspoon
Taking a three quarter scoop

Hold it, hold the position
Now, into the teapot
One for the pot
Hold it, hold it, hold…

Small one for each cup
Over pot
Pour steaming hot
Give teapot a wee twist
Ii does something to the water

Ah, the cups
Not stolen World cups
Ya know…
Tea cups, tea buckets
Large, delicate, thin walled

Thank god it's over
Cups of blundering royals etched
And sweet little corgis in tow
Not good enough to hold out left pinkie
When society calls

Buckets warm
Griffins Gingernuts for dunking
Only two, only two
Alright three each on plate
Seal pack up tight

Blow warm breath into cupped hands
Turn the teapot once clockwise
Oh isn't that nice
Pseudo euro look
Broad blue band teapot base

Draw, let it draw
Now, touch, forward, engage
It is a perfect pour
Arcing majestically into strainer
Tell tale bubbling on contact

Pour cup after cup
For each missing four years
All sitting comfy
Take tea vessel both hands
Careful not to scold

That long lingering slurp, Ah..
Ah, I mean, Ah
It is all worth it
This life meaning
Contemplate, Ah…

After next slurp
Make some deeply philosophical
Inane comment about
How AB coach
Should be over the ditch

Ridiculous anthems over
Soggy Ginger nut remnants
Washed away
Without going
Down the wrong way

Damn good cuppa
The art of tea….