Up high above rhythmic, unrelenting swell
Beyond rainbow arc
Little birds do soar
Lifted on resurgent breathe

From unborn
Snuggled against maternal beat
Resonance of mama's voice
Secure cozy warm, fed
Tiny thumb in tiny mouth

Arduous passage begins
Through precision manoeuvre
Encouraging push
Willing contraction
Portal to new world

Slap, thump, gasp
Breaks into reassuring cry
Sheer adulation, sheer euphoria
First gasp, first beat, first breathe
Not a dry eye

Oh, precious breathe
Vital gasp
Transparent catalyst of life
I feel your touch
But can't see your face

On the horizon
Enormous edifices belching out
Soot, on soot, on soot
Black filthy soot
Bellowing heavenward

We came together
To resolve acid rain
We came together
To resolve ozone depletion
Oh, why, oh why can't I